About me

My passion was born twenty years ago when, thanks to my mother, I had the opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful and ancient arts to make laces: tatting.

I immediately became fascinated by the caracteristic ticking of the shuttles and the way of bundling the wire to create knots and picots, so with the enthusiasm that accompanies each new beginning, I wanted to learn how to handle these small instruments of art.

At first it was not easy being a self-taught, but when the shuttles became almost an extension of my fingers, I began to appreciate more and more the small masterpieces I could get from a simple thread.

From the satisfaction of creating small and large artifacts to the desire to create and design my models, the step was short.

Since then I have always tried to imagine new shapes, new uses, modern applications and to experiment with contamination between tatting and other processing techniques such as crochet and embroidery.

After opening a blog and a YouTube channel, I felt it was time to realize a dream ... design this site where you will find patterns, drawings and models that, using the various techniques of craftsmanship, will allow you to customize each project for the home, clothing and accessories, according to an exclusive style, yours.