Embroidery Design COD12012021


Embroidery Design COD12012021

Technique: embroidery.

Embroidery stitch used: Long and short stitch, Padded satin stitch, French stitch, Stem stitch, Lazy daisy stitch, Fly stitch, Fishbone stitch, Long buttonhole stitch, Long stitch, Back stitch.

whole design cm 22 x cm 22; single desing cm 22 x cm 5,5.

PDF, that you will receive by email, is composed of 20 pages: 8 pages are dedicated to the Italian version, 8 pages to the English version, printable separately, 3 pages for the non-decalctable drawings (2 for whole design and 1 for single design) plus a brief introduction.

Both versions include:

  • the list of all necessary materials;
  • guides of the embroidery stitches used;
  • step by step instructions for making embroidery.

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