Cutwork Doilies Design COD06122017


Cutwork Doilies Design COD06122017

Delicate daisies, tight in a hug of leaves, embellish the white linen of this set of doilies with the soft colors of spring.

Technique: embroidery and cutwork embroidery.

Stitches used: running stitch, buttonhole stitch, stem stitch, french knot.

large doily cm 44 x cm 28
small doily cm 26 x cm 19  

PDF, that you will receive by email, is composed of 15 pages and includes:

  • non-decalctable drawings in A4 format of the doilies;
  • the list of all necessary materials;
  • instruction about to compose the design of the large doily and the embroidery stitches guides used.

All indications are written in Italian and English.

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